Benefits of Owning a Phil Moore Original

You should be able to buy a vehicle with confidence and no surprises. Unfortunately, vehicles change hands often at different dealership along the way. Owning a Phil Moore Original guarantees you get the best vehicle for your money.

About Phil Moore Original

A Phil Moore Original is a vehicle that Phil Moore Buick GMC originally sold new and serviced here during its years of ownership. It then returns to our lot via a trade-in on a brand new car.

Benefits of a Phil Moore Original

Since a Phil Moore Original is bought and serviced at the same place for its entire life, we have a complete record of its history. We can tell you about any major problems and repairs, how often the previous owner serviced the vehicle, and its overall condition.

A vehicle that has been with our family every step of the way requires no guesswork or estimates. We know everything about it, and we can pass this knowledge on to you.

Buy one of our original vehicles with confidence when you visit Phil Moore Buick GMC in North Jackson, MS. Owning a Phil Moore Original is always a great choice.

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