Why Good Posture While Driving Matters

At some point in our childhood, many of us heard, “Sit up straight!” It may have been a direct command by a parent or guardian who had only our discomfort in mind, but they knew a thing or two that we didn’t about physical health. Having good posture is great for a lot of reasons — even behind the wheel. Here’s why good posture while driving matters.

  • It eliminates pain. Back pain, sore necks, and failing knees all result from the way we sit in our vehicles — especially if we have long daily commutes during rush hour. To avoid soreness and long-time injury, practice good posture behind the wheel.
  • It reduces injury. By sitting the correct way in a vehicle, you reduce the extent of injury if in a serious accident.
  • It keeps you alert. Slouching leads to you getting too comfortable behind the wheel, making you less alert and aware of what is going on around you. As the driver, you must remain vigilant on the road at all times.

Improve your posture behind the wheel by putting your tailbone as close to the seatback as possible, moving farther back from the wheel, adjusting your mirrors properly, and angling your seat back just a little.

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